Titania Seidl & Lukas Thaler

Vienna (Austria)
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Titania Seidl & Lukas Thaler

Titania Seidl & Lukas Thalerlive and work in Vienna, AT.

They recently showed their collaborative work at White&Weiss Gallery, Bratislava; Jan Koniarek Gallery, Trnava; Daihatsu Rooftop Gallery, Vienna; Bruch und Dallas, Cologne; Zone 1 Hamam, Vienna; Centrum, Berlin.Besides their artistic practice, they run the curatorial project space MAUVE. Their work is part of several international public and private collections.

The Runestones are a series of 12 unique pieces. Originally made from ceramics and then digitally merged with traditional paintings, the works evolved out of the artists' physical investigation of the point of contact between object and subject, reality and illusion, three dimensional space and flatness.‍